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Manage Your Campaigns In The Cloud

With Aviaro, you have the convenience of managing all of your messaging requirements (24x7) using our robust web-based cloud platform or directly from your mobile device.



Send Messages

Use SMS text messaging to engage customer interest and generate sales for your

Schedule Messages

Send campaign messages automatically with Timed Follow-Up feature from Aviaro™.

Sales Pipeline

With Aviaro™, you can easily funnel your sales pipeline for measurable success.

Aviaro App 2

Automatic Replies

ALINA, our artificial intelligence responder, automatically answers customer questions simply and conversationally.

2-Way Engagement

Personally reply to your customers to establish brand loyalty and promote engaging conversation.

View Stats & Logs

Let Aviaro™ keep track of your successes for you.

Mobile Customer Service


Reach Customers Where They Are

Text messaging is the fastest and simplest way to reach customers anywhere and everywhere. They want to text your business—start the conversation today!

Provide True Engagement

Thanks to the combination of the Aviaro™ clever ALINA and effortless 2-way engagement, customers will never again feel ignored.

Build Brand Loyalty

Stand out from the competition with Aviaro™ and provide customers with a brand they can trust. Retain loyal customers by building a connection with them.

Aviaro™ Makes Customer Service Simple

Drive your success with Aviaro™

Straightforward SMS Engagement

Build unlimited contact lists, groups, keywords, and auto-replies. No Limits or per-contact fees!

True 2-Way Texting

The Aviaro™ auto-reply system saves you time and money by automating customer service and responding to customer texts for you.

Drip Messages Keep Your Funnel Full

Use drip messages to simplify following up with your customers so you are never “out-of-sight, out-of-mind.”


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Talk to ALINA!

Send ALINA a text to see just how natural our A.I. assistant sounds!

Simply send a text to

(702) 862-8232

and see how conversational she really is!

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