As the new year comes, so do all the predictions of what is to follow. This year, especially, there are a lot of predictions of what will come in the marketing world. Marketing is a huge part of any business, and even just to keep up with all the competitors, it is important to stay ahead. But what marketing predictions are worth taking a closer look? Here is a list of what 2019 has to offer.

Automation through business

The improvements to artificial intelligence in the last few years have grown dramatically to the point where most businesses have or should have some sort of artificial intelligence company they are working with to use the technology. It is no longer some distant future we all hoped we’d see but a reality. And in that reality, we are seeing amazing ways automation is working for businesses and marketing departments. AI Chatbot can answer questions and communicate with people through text, social media conversations, and chat. A business can have automation basically run their social media accounts and give recommendations on what content their audience most wants to see. Decision making is much easier with the help of machine learning recommendations. In 2019, businesses will make AI more important than ever.

Marketing with a purpose

While being political has been a bit taboo in the past, it is expected that many companies will begin to make more political stances. This is largely due to the Millennials and Generation Z who are more interested in purchasing from a business they believe has a purpose than just anyone. They want to do what is good, which means, in part, buying from a company they believe is doing good.

If you choose to get political, however, expect that there will be many social media battles fought over your stances on social media. It is better to simply post a stance and let it be without engaging one side or another too much, but be prepared for the high emotions that come with political opinions.

Creating a brand identity

More brands will start focusing on creating and sustaining a brand identity in 2019. While click bait may get a customer to your page for a moment, it ultimately will not win them over in the long run. It is important to start focusing on creating a brand identity that customers can associate your business with and that will develop more trust in their company.

Many businesses are using influencers to help create that identity and build trust with customers. It isn’t just a one time ad but a long-term relationship that will really save the day. While brand loyalty died out a bit with Millennials, it seems to be a major focus again and will continue to build up brands in the new year.

A focus on local

In 2019, you’ll see more businesses focusing their marketing efforts on local communities. People are interested in shopping with companies who care and companies who build up the community instead of large corporations who seem too big to care about the little guy. While online marketing is still important, there will be a shift in the new year to to focusing on local marketing again, something that has disappeared somewhat in the last few years as the Internet and Smartphones have thrived.

A return to traditional marketing

A lot of companies have abandoned mailers, billboards, and TV ads in the past few years for online marketing. And while using the internet to reach out to customers is still extremely important, we will see a shift back to more traditional marketing tactics in 2019 in order to try and balance a long-term relationship and short-term marketing goals again.

Online is still essential

No matter what your business, an online presence is essential. Many people aren’t even willing to visit or try a new business unless they can look them up and do research on the company first. In 2019, businesses will put a higher emphasis on online engagement but especially in finding ways to communicate with them through online platforms.

The biggest focus of marketing in 2019 will be on technology and online marketing, but there will be a newfound focus on local and traditional marketing methods that have been overlooked in the last few years.