As the holidays are nearing, it is time to put your holiday marketing plans into full swing. Halloween is over and the election is over, which means people are going to start focusing their efforts on the holiday season. You  need to be on top of things if you are hoping to latch on to some of that holiday traffic. Here are 5 marketing tips for the holidays.

Focus on the right keywords

Customers who are searching for the right gift will use keywords in their searches to find them. It is important that you research which keywords work best for you and use them on your site in relation to your product or service. For example, “unique gifts” in mobile search has grown 65% since last year, according to Business2Community, suggesting people want gifts that are more unique for their friends and family. What you can do is use the words “unique gift” in relation to your product or service so it is more likely to be found during the holidays.

Location-based advertising

One thing that many businesses don’t use but should is location-based advertising. People are going to search for local products, and they are much more likely to come in and check out your product or service if they are already in the area. Just a little ad is all they need to be willing to check out something that looks interesting to them, especially during the holiday season when everyone is looking for better gifts.

Text customers

Customers may love what you do, but sometimes, they don’t even remember your company exists when they start thinking about different gifts to buy people. If you send out texts for discounts, even small ones, it will remind them of what you have to offer and help them add it to their Christmas list. Most customers answer a text within a minute of getting it, so that’s something you could do now and every week until Christmas to try and maintain and bring back some of your customers. Text marketing yeilds amazing results in reminding customers of product.

Mobile videos are boss

While shopping, 25% of users have looked up product videos to make a final decision. If you don’t have any great videos about your product listed anywhere, you may lose business to the competition as they do have videos available to show their customer exactly what they are getting. Of course, simple products wouldn’t need a video as much, but it is helpful in research for most customers.

Use mobile ads

If you have never considered using a mobile ad before, this would be the right time. 76% of mobile users have changed their mind about what to buy because of mobile advertising. This means you have a really good chance to steal customers just by making your brand more well known. Ads on Google and social media are going to be most effective and will bring in the most business.