Of those who use influencer marketing, 95% have reported it to be successful. That is why it is expected that more companies will continue to use this marketing method in 2018. It is an amazing way of reaching out to your current audience as well as developing new customer relationships.And while an artificial intelligence company can get you set up for your personal communications with customers, an influencer can bring those customers to you.

The basic idea behind influencer marketing is that you find a social media influencer who would be someone that might realistically use your product. You then work out a deal for them to advertise your product on their social media platform. This could be by way of a video, going live, or even just a picture explaining what the product is and why they use it. Of course, you want to ensure you get someone who would realistically use your product so as to not stray from their brand. However, those who follow them on social media will often take their recommendations to heart. Here are 5 tips to use when working with influencer marketing.

  1. Focus on developing trust

People on social media trust the influencers they follow. They have already built a relationship with them, which means there is a certain element of automatic trust for your company if the influencer is recommending the product. Having an influencer trying to sell your product who is acting out of character is going to not only take away the trust their followers have with them but also the trust they may have developed with your company. It is also important to remember that you need to continue that trust once the customer has left their influencer for your site and your product. Keep your quality of product and customer service high throughout the whole process.

  1. Learn about your customers

Try not to give your influencer a script of what they need to say about your product. Simply give them the product and let them promote it in their own way. It will help you learn about how your particular audience prefers engagement with products and influencers and will help you understand your audience’s perspective better than ever. It can also help you narrow your audience based on whether or not you have success with any particular influencer.

  1. Avoid one-and-done promos

If an influencer is going to be taken seriously about a product, they need to use it regularly instead of just running one ad and being done. The easiest way to do this is to give your influencer the ability to share their story with your product on their own. Help them to actually incorporate it into their life. Many people won’t see a product and immediately buy it. They have to see an ad for a product multiple times before being convinced of the value.

  1. Don’t overlook niche influencers

Try not to spend all your money on one powerful celebrity who you think will bring in all the goods. People trust their peers more than big celebrities, especially in the last year or so. Try to find people who are local to your particular area or even people who are more niche influencers. You don’t need to advertise to everyone; focus on your audience and the influencers they might follow, even if they seem small. For example, if you are selling a vegan product, try and find some influencers who are in the vegan scene who will have the type of followers you are looking for as customers instead of blanket advertising to all of Robert Downey Jr.’s fans.

  1. Try to work with several influencers

Instead of putting all your eggs into one basket, try and work with several different influencers. Some people prefer different personality types than other, and they might still all like your product. If you only work with one influencer, you’ll have a hard time reaching everyone in your audience who might be interested in trying your product.