As a small business, you are probably trying to figure out the least expensive way to advertise. Of course, there are herds of people out there willing to offer you a million different advertising services, and they will all work well if you have unlimited funds.However, we have another solution.

Content saturation in our everyday lives

Imagine yourself in a typical day. You get up and listen to the radio while getting ready and on your way to work.

At work, you surf the web or check your email. You check Facebook, listen to Spotify. Then, drive home with the a podcast blazing and billboards on both sides of the road. In the evening you watch TV or go out to the movies with friends.

Throughout the day, you are being bombarded with advertisements. If you are a small business trying to compete with the hundreds and hundreds of ads out there, you don’t stand a chance. Chances are, your ad will get ignored or it will not be remembered.

Visual pollution in Time Square. (Smithsonian Magazine)

How to beat the competition

Now, imagine yourself sitting with some friends at dinner. All the sudden, you get a text. What is your immediate response? To ignore everything around you and look at your phone.

Maybe that is why most people use texts for sending Birthday messages now, according to the New York Times. No matter what advertising is around or what people are talking to you at that moment, you ignore it all for the text. This is exactly why small businesses are investing in text advertising.

It is one of the most effective ways to ensure customers will actually see your ad and have to make a conscious decision about what to do with it.

Important reminders

Last week, I was at work when all of the sudden I got a text telling me about a special at a restaurant nearby. So by lunch time the restaurant was top of mind and the specials drove me there.

The gentle reminder that the restaurant existed and was thinking of my business got me there!

Monday may be a slow cover count, but maybe that is just because people have forgotten about you. If you remind customers that you are there and they see your text message, you’re much more likely to increase business.