Customer service interactions are one of the most important things your business does. There is a multitude of ways you can speak with your customer, but text with AI chatbot is a must. Artifical intelligence had a huge year in 2016, becoming one of the newest and most advanced ways of communication. And it’s just going to get bigger and better.

What is a chatbot?

When using an AI chatbot, you are able to let computers analyze the questions from your customers and answer them without ever having to speak with an actual person. For example, a person could text asking what today’s specials are, and your chatbot would respond.

The bot saves time as your customer service agents are no longer wasting time on repetitive questions. Plus, your customers appreciate being able to get an immediate answer instead of having to be on hold. Chatbot is done through text, so you are able to give a clear answer. There is no miscommunication about specific details like you might have with people talking over the phone.

Another chatbot advantage is that customers like the option of business communication through text instead of always having to call them. You are talking to them in method they are comfortable with and that is considered fast and easy for both parties.

AI chatbot predictions

This year, AI is exploding and becoming more advanced than ever. We are seeing huge advances in technology including the technology controlling chatbot conversations. Here are some predictions from FutureBeat:

    • Personal assistants for home are expected to explode in popularity as more consumers adopt them and more developers do work for them. Technology is advancing to where personal assistants, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, can take commands and perform out requested tasks.
    • Chatbot for customer service communications will become more commonplace. It is not something you could do but rather something that is expected by your customers.
    • Use around the office may become commonplace. More people are using text for office communication than email now, a shift to chatbots would occur naturally.
    • Social media is already using chatbot, expected to quickly become the norm. Your business will be able to use it for both texting and social media communications, effectively increasing your ability to reach customers while decreasing response time.

Artificial Intelligence, is it for you?

The most important takeaway here is that your business should get started with chatbot– if you haven’t already. It is no longer an emerging technology; it is in practice and a successful one. Your customers prefer it so much so by 2018 it will be an expectation. So if you weren’t planning to get it for your own convenience, you may have to get it for your customers.