Recently, tech debates have centered the topics of customer service and automation. How are customer needs best served? Is it through real people, AI chatbots or other AI-backed responders?

Obviously, AI-backed customer service assistance has more expansive abilities when it comes to reaching customers and availability. If someone has a problem at three in the morning, they might not be able to call into the corporate office, but customers can text a question to an AI chatbot and get an immediate response.

So why are some companies hesitant to switch over to AI-backed customer service? Many are afraid that customers will feel distanced or isolated by the lack of personal connections. However, there might be a solution for that.

Realistic AI paves way for more personal AI

Mark Sagar, digital animation technology expert, is changing the face of AI, literally. Sagar is CEO of Soul Machines, which is creating digital faces for customer service chatbots.

Basically, the technology creates virtual faces to represent once faceless AI customer service. So when customers want to talk to someone about a problem, rather than sending a message to an anonymous receiver, they can use device with a front-facing to chat face to face with a customer service agent, or AI agent.

This new technology is a huge step forward for personalizing the AI-backed customer service experience. Soul Machines technology can even read facial expressions and react to those very facial expressions. Soul Machines can utilize facial expression cues to imitate an illusion of empathy, a valuable trait of customer service representatives..


The growth of AI technology

Realistic faces for AI customer service is an impressive step for AI, especially in helping when it comes to customer service. While not everyone is going to be using realistic faces for their AI chatbots, there’s an important take away: AI technology is constantly improving.

With a group of customer service representatives, there is little potential growth aside from training and language development. However, with AI, there are no limitations to growth. AI can handle a variety of languages and cultural understandings. They can work around the clock without growing tired or frustrated. AI chatbots can learn and follow customer habits and transactions to better understand them and their needs.

But the greatest advantage of AI is its potential for growth. Soul Machines is only one aspect of such growth ability. Now AI can become more personal, whether through voice response or face-to-face chats with digitally-created AI customer service agents. Companies will not have to choose between the personal touch of a real customer service agent or the varied talents and abilities of AI chatbots. With the limitless potential for growth, companies would be smart to invest in AI technology, especially for their customer service needs