The best smartphone

Technology is expanding very quickly, but in the smartphone market, alongside phone manufacturers, seemed to hit a wall for a few years. Though there were small improvements with every new phone release, nothing was groundbreaking. But now, with the availability of AI chatbot and other technology, smartphone manufacturers have been able to provide amazing new technology, including the AI digital assistant recently announced to be included in the Samsung Galaxy S8.

About the new S8

Samsung recently purchased an artificial intelligence startup company and the technology that came with that company will make it easier to include AI to all Samsung devices.

The company is planning to use AI in all of its devices, including smartphones and wearable technology, to give users the most personalized experience possible with Samsung technology. It is expected that the next generation of technology will have to use AI technology given that it is becoming a huge part of our everyday life.

Samsung, especially, has needed something special to release with the S8 to get users over the hump of the Note 7 exploding phones nightmare. Clients, and those considering Samsung, were lost due to the fiasco. For the company, having some of the latest and greatest technology loaded onto the new phone may help people to move past the exploding smartphone story and into new positive conversations.

AI digital assistant

The new S8 will have an AI digital assistant, which means you will be able to have tasks performed by your phone without ever having to think about them. It means you can do more things with your phone hands-free. Get answers to questions, manage your schedule, find information, and more will be easier in the new age of digital assistants.

Even text marketing is easier when you have AI chatbot on one hand to answer all customer questions and respond with automated answers. Not only is it new and upcoming, it will begin to be expected in all devices we purchase from now on.

With the Internet of Things becoming more of a reality, we need to have a firm grasp on AI virtual assistant technology because it will be what we use to access everything in our lives. Smartphones will become the center of it all, and as technology improves, we can expect to start seeing more exciting changes and availability in the IoT and with artificial intelligence.