Claudia Perez

Claudia Perez

Continuous Messaging Improves Revenue

Popular brewery in Seattle with more than 30 different flavors of brews shares how they transformed Monday, their slowest day of the week into their second highest most profitable day. 

Goal: Drive more revenue in slack day

How: Aviaro AI text message mobile coupons to previous guest visitors and opt-in list

When: Once a week

Results: Brewery focused on one day a week where revenue was below expectation. They sent out a mobile coupon with a promotion for a 2-for-1 redeemable on Mondays. They found that Mondays saw an increase in revenue by 28% over not doing any campaign. 

Why use text messaging? 

  • 90% delivery rate
  • 98% open rate 
  • Text messages opened within 4 minutes
  • Statistics show ROI for AI messaging is 30% higher than email marketing

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