The most effective customer service is simply the one that makes customers feel special. Every company is striving for personalized service

Not only will it bring in more business, it will keep your current customers from checking out the competition. In a world with the internet, competition is fierce, and you shouldn’t have to deal with it if you don’t have to. But did you know airlines are some of the best examples of personalized customer service? Here are some things they do that you might want to consider with your business.

Loyalty programs

One thing customers love is feeling like they are getting attention, and this is especially true if they spend a fair chunk of money with you. All airlines offer loyalty programs that give bigger and better rewards the more people spend. Not only does it create personalization, but it shows customers that they are important to them. Some of these programs even allow for faster check-in and more free upgrades the more you fly. It’s this kind of thinking that shows your customers they’re important to you.

Comparison of the Top U.S. Airline Loyalty Programs in 2018. (Think-Dash)

Technological communication

Airlines are getting significantly better at adapting to technology and using it to keep their customers happy. While a lot of other businesses are falling behind or struggling to keep up, airlines have stayed on top of tech and innovative ways to use it. For example, they will use phone numbers on file to let their customers know when a flight has been delayed. Airlines know that texting your customers is the fastest way to get a message to them, and they want to know when there are delays with their flights.

One way you can do this is by instituting a texting program as well. You can send them texts with important information, but you can also allow for them to text you with questions or concerns they have about your business. You can never go wrong, as it is one of the best forms of communication between consumers and businesses.

Recognition of the individual

Another way that airlines are doing a great job with personalized customer service is through their individualization. They do such a great job of keeping track of your personal information, that you don’t have to tell everyone the same thing over and over until you get to the person you really need to talk to. There’s nothing a customer hates more than repeating their story over and over again. Make sure you listen and don’t ask their name more than once. Try and keep track of your customers well enough that they don’t have to work hard to get the help they need.