Virtual reality is the next big thing in the entertainment industry because it gives as lifelike of a gaming experience as you can possibly get. VR can be used to watch sports games from home but feel like you are on the floor or to experience the world without having to pay thousands of dollars to travel. Because of the wide variety of things a virtual reality experience could provide, many manufacturers have started building VR headsets, the most recent of which was announced by Google: The Google Daydream View VR.

Can be used with any Android phone (eventually)

One of the advantages to the Daydream View compared with other VR headsets is the ability to use any Android device that has been made Daydream compatible instead of being forced into using a specific phone, such is the case with the Samsung Gear VR that is only compatible with Galaxy phones. Right now, of course, the Google Pixel phones are the only ones that are compatible with the Daydream headset, but the ability to use other phones in there is a huge advantage. The other nice thing is that the phone can be put in the Daydream headset very easily and possibly even with cases on. The Samsung Gear has to be placed in the headset perfectly, which means cases are often too bulky and have to be removed before playing.

A remote

One of the other cool features of Google Daydream View is that it has a remote that comes with it that acts similarly to a WII remote. It can register movement in a game or can be used as a laser pointer while in the VR to choose options. The ability to use this remote means there are a lot more options available to what a person can do.

The look

Looking at the Google Daydream, you’ll notice it is built with a fabric exterior instead of hard plastic. The idea is to make it seem like something that is more accessible and a part of everyday life instead of some bulky, plastic piece of hardware that feels a little cold and foreign. Of course, customers may have different preferences in this arena, but many are happy to have a VR headset that is more comfortable and feels more comfortable in their home.

Advertising with VR

The capabilities of smartphones are improving dramatically, and every day, it seems there are new, inventive ideas of things we can use a smartphone for. With the concept of virtual reality comes a whole new way of selling ads for your business and reaching customers in a whole new way. While text marketing will never go away as the best and quickest way to communicate with your customers, it might be time your business starts considering virtual reality marketing capabilities that will open up as VR becomes more common among your customers.

Source: Tech Crunch