Line app. Have you heard of this application? Not many Americans have, although it is gaining popularity

Line is a popular social messaging application in Japan that partners up with companies in order to market for them. Line is specifically directed toward younger users, maintaining a good reputation by ensuring age appropriate advertisements.

Line the phone app

The brand’s goal is to engage with younger users in a fun way. Users are able to send messages for free, but the appeal of the app is the sticker options.  Users are able to collect different stickers and send them to their friends.  This is where companies are able to get involved with the app. By creating business themed stickers, not only do they grab the attention of the users, they promote their company.  Disney and Maybelline are only a few of the companies who have seen great success by becoming part of the Line application.

Line is such a new technology in the United States so not many companies have become a part of it yet, which is actually great news if companies are looking to join because the competition for advertising space is slim. Companies are starting to realize the value behind messaging apps like Line and Snapchat for it’s ease of use and sheer fact that it’s a free way to reach a large market on a personal level.

Reaching your target audience

Personalizing advertisements is perhaps one of the best marketing techniques out there. Consumers want to feel appreciated for their business, and there is no better way to reach consumers than through their mobile devices.

Large companies with giant consumer bases believe that it is difficult to personalize advertisements, but it’s simpler than it seems. If companies have too many consumers for it to be possible to reach out to each individual person, they can direct advertisements toward similarities such as gender or generation.  The Line application makers directed advertising toward a younger consumer base which has already been proven successful.

Companies who make the effort to reach out to their consumers in a personal way are more likely to not only gain business, but also loyal consumers who will spread the word and bring in even more business.  

Messaging applications are a great way for companies to personalize advertising, market their products, and keep consumers interested.  By choosing to become part of the mobile marketing world, companies will see great success and consumers will continue business with these companies because they are continually keeping up with the convenience of the mobile world.