It may seem like the title of a game show (and it may even be a fun show to watch), but it is a legitimate question. Artificial Intelligence is getting better and better every day, and it may not be long before the sci-fi movies are a reality in our lives. One AI computer is outsmarting even the best poker players in a three-week long poker tournament.

Poker tournament outlook

The top 4 poker players in the world took to a competition with Libratus, an artificial intelligence program created by a team at Carnegie Mellon University. And, not surprisingly, the machine is beating the real people very badly. It was a 20 day tournament, and the people are getting tired from long days of playing poker. The machine, however, doesn’t get tired and continues to have a great game even after 20 days. The biggest advantage Libratus had over the real live poker players was its ability to bluff and remain unpredictable. And while being able to show feelings and fake feelings is an important part of the game, someone who can constantly remain emotionless will always have the advantage in the game.

All the poker players have lost the equivalent of a small house in these games of poker. Though none of them will have to actually pay the AI Robot for losing. The biggest problem the players face is that they want to retain human dignity, and it isn’t going well as they lose so massively to Libratus. It is amazing how much we can teach computers to do.

About Libratus, the poker-playing AI

Libratus was built to test the abilities of Artificial Intelligence to, hopefully, create programming that can run on its own in a variety of fields. It could be used in medicine, military strategy, or even in your daily homes. As it is quickly improving, you can expect to see AI start to become a natural part of your everyday interactions, especially with businesses.

How AI affects you

Most people don’t have to worry about losing their jobs and being replaced by artificial intelligence. We are still a long ways off from being able to have this kind of widespread technology used in all businesses. If AI were to replace people in their jobs, it would only be for very basic, repetitive jobs. But even the greatest minds don’t expect it will happen anytime soon.

However, AI Chatbot has come a long way and is quickly becoming the norm. Facebook and Twitter are both working to develop Chatbot for businesses to be able to use it on social media platforms. You can easily get access to Chatbot for texting customer service communications. The capabilities of artificial intelligence are growing more and more every day, and as a business, that gives you an amazing opportunity to communicate with customers in a way they prefer and that saves you time and money.