Strengthen your marketing message

Imagine you’ve just seen the biggest, most in your face billboard ever, and there was no chance you would miss it. Then, imagine all it says is “buy chocolate.” That may be enough for some people, but most people won’t care about it. Now, imagine you see a small billboard that you have to look for before you even find it, but it says, “God’s gift to man: chocolate.” Even though it may have fewer people checking it, it will probably get a ton of customers.

Having all the best advertising outlets in the world is not enough if your message is bad. That is why it is so important to target your customers better with SMS text advertising. Below you will find the three best texts you can send to your customers:

1. Next best deal is here

You will need to send a SMS text with sales and great deals in them.

The only real problem is timing

You can’t just send it out whenever you want. You need to spend a lot of time planning what deal you will be having and when the best time is to send it and bring in customers. If you send it in the middle of the week during the workday, nobody is going to head over to your deal. However, if you text people towards the end of the day Friday or even Thursday as a reminder, their likely to head to your business.

2. Thanks for coming in today

One thing you may want to consider is thanking your customers for their business. It may seem small and insignificant, but the customer feels like you remembered them and appreciated them if you are willing to say thank you.

3. How did we do?

Customers, especially those who are angry, appreciate the opportunity to fill out a survey.

Most of the time, if a customer gets this through text, they will fill out the survey just because they are bored. It will mean a great majority of your customers are doing surveys instead of just the really angry ones or the ones who were bribed. It will give you real results and make your customers feel like you actually care about their opinion. Once again, it opens up the chance to have a conversation, making the customer feel valued and like they are talking to a real person.

sms text

What not to do with texts

The most important things to remember is not to overdo it. If you are just sending a few texts a month to your customers, with the exception of replying to texts they may have sent you, then you are texting them too much. A person is going to unsubscribe if they find you annoying rather than helpful. One time SMS text to remind of a sale is enough. You don’t have to text once a day for a week to get them in the store.