The “leaked” Black Friday ads have shown one thing this year: people can now get mobile devices for cheaper than ever before. With prices dropping significantly in just a single year

It looks like retailers are more prepared than ever to sell off a lot of mobile devices because people are desperately searching to get more of them. As a business, you should recognize this is a great opportunity to market to more of your customers through mobile.

All about the Black Friday deals

Black Friday this year is expected to be even better than the year before. The average number of gifts bought per person is expected to increase from last year, and it is expected that spending will go up. Deals this year have been heavily focused on mobile, whether it is on tablets or mobile phones, according to Mobile Marketing Watch. One thing that is certain, people who already have mobile devices will be using them to scout for the best deals of the season.

Using mobile to find Black Friday deals

According to Deloitte’s 2014 Annual Holiday Survey, more people will be using smartphones and tablets to help in their search for the best deals. That means they fully expect to be marketed towards through those mobile devices. As a business, you should be putting as many efforts into reaching out to your customers through mobile as possible, especially during this year’s holiday season.

One of the best ways to do that is through an artificial intelligence texting platform that would allow your customers to text in questions and get an automated response. This will save you a lot of time during the holidays because you won’t need to spend time answering questions all day and will save them time because they don’t have to wait on hold for an answer.

More love for computers

One trend pointed out by the Deloitte report was that people are starting to adapt more towards the use of computers than people. In fact, they like self-checkout machines much more than working with people a lot of the time and prefer to check stuff themselves than get help from an employee that may not have the answers as quickly or as accurately.

Though this trend tends to be more focused on the younger generation, it is becoming a reality that most businesses are dealing with. It means you need to change your marketing strategies to focus on mobile, and make it especially easy for your customers to use their smartphones to get all the information they need about your company. The more people get smartphones, the more you’ll want to be on top of meeting their needs.