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mobile marketing

Gamification in a Mobile First Society

Gamification is a marketing strategy that has been around for decades. What is gamification you ask, it is simply the use of game elements to elicit desired behavior in a target audience. On the surface it sounds like an obvious

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sms marketing

SMS marketing for dummies

The average person will check their phone 150 times each day. If you own a smartphone you might think that estimate is a little low. We depend on our phones for virtually everything and they go everywhere we do. That’s

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ai mobile messaging

Can AI Save People from Committing Suicide?

AI algorithms can be key to fighting the growing problem of suicide. How? AI algorithms can analyze social media data, create patterns and determine warning signs in people’s online language. Medical researchers believe language patterns can offer a indication that

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ai solves poverty

Can AI Solve Poverty?

Many leaders have opinions that the development of A.I. is not worthy of their time, however researches around the globe are using AI’s data mining capability to find a solution to poverty. For good or worst, large data analytics is

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netflix using ai

Netflix is Using AI

The streaming giant is applying man-made brainpower to give particular video coding, conveying cleaner streams to clients in low-data transmission locales.  Netflix support streaming in over 190 nations around the globe. As the best supplier of streaming substance in the

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Top 4 Methods of Communicating with Customers

Whether you are focusing on how you can market to a customer or how a customer can contact a customer service member, being able to properly communicate makes a huge difference. If you can’t communicate what you are selling or

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texting your customers

Most Popular Push Techniques in Mobile Marketing

Today, there are more ways than ever to communicate with customers through mobile. The mobile marketing industry has come a long way since the early days of text message marketing. As opposed to other marketing channels, mobile is especially effective

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Lessons from T-Mobile Customer Service

T-Mobile used to be a cheap carrier nobody really wanted to use if they could go to a top-tier phone carrier such as Verizon. However, in the last few years, T-Mobile has jumped the charts and is now competing heavily

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