mobile texting statistics

The future of marketing: Text

Marketing to your customers is a huge part of your business, whether you are marketing directly to consumers or to businesses. Whatever the case, it is time for your business to start considering a shift to text marketing. Texting is

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mass text messaging

Mass Text Messaging Advantage

There are tons of ways to do mobile marketing. When you mix and match all the different strategies, the number of possible combinations is endless. But one mobile marketing strategy that should have a place in every mobile marketing campaign

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salon text message marketing

Salon Text Message Marketing

Texting is a great way to keep in contact with beauty-loving clients who are always looking for the best deals. Stop losing customers to competitors by standing out with SMS messages!

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text message marketing for nonprofits

Text Message Marketing for Nonprofit

Because people spend so much time on their cellphones, and because texting is one of the simplest and fastest forms of modern-day communication, individuals are more likely to use text messaging as a way to support nonprofits in need.

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sms marketing for restaurant

SMS Marketing for Restaurants

SMS marketing is the best tool restaurants can use to reach customers today. Find out what these restaurants did to increase sales and generate leads to learn how your restaurant can do the same!

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