Customers expect to have the same type of experience no matter who they are interacting with in the company. Whether that’s professional, casual, fun, or even a little crazy. The branding your company decides to put forth is about more than just your marketing strategy though; it should be a part of all arms of your company, especially customer service. Customer service interacts with your audience more than the marketing team in many instances. Here are ways to make sure your branding is fluid through customer service just as much as it is in marketing.

1. Your data can help you determine what is working

Before anything, you need to take a look at the data and see how customers are responding to your current marketing branding. This is easiest with a machine learning startup using a computer to review and analyze data for you and push out real time recommendations. You’ll quickly learn if your current branding is even working or if it needs to get changed. Most of the time, a fun atmosphere is going to be more successful than a strict, boring one, but it will depend on how your customers react to what you are doing. At that point, you can move forward to integrating with your customer service department.

2. Focus on gap between online and in-store experience

One reason why customer service struggles to stay up with the current branding a company is offering is because the in-store experience isn’t the same as an online experience, whether that is through the website, social media sites, texting, or even emails. One way to bridge the gap is through proper training. Sometimes, employees have never been given instruction on how to properly interact with customers. For example, Chick Fil A customers expect to get a warm greeting and see smiles on the faces of the employees they are working with. It is what the brand gives in an online presence, and it is expected in the restaurant as well. It would really throw someone off to meet a rude employee in the store or even one who seems apathetic.

3. Feedback gives you the opportunity to fix mistakes

While machine learning is extremely helpful in putting you on the right track, customers will let you know when they have experienced something that doesn’t fit right with your company. Take this feedback seriously and address the problem. Maybe it’s just one store, maybe it’s one employee, or maybe it’s something the whole company needs to do differently. Whatever the case, customers know what they want, so it’s important to listen to them.