Mobile devices have changed the we interact with brands and make online purchases. Consumers have, and expect, the convenience of being able to shop online anywhere

It’s become pretty obvious that business owners can no longer afford to ignore the opportunities that mobile marketing has to offer. While there are limitless ways to do mobile marketing, there are a few basic principles that every business owner can and should apply to make their brand more mobile friendly. Here’s a look at just two ways that every business owner can focus on mobile marketing.

Responsive web design

Consider this the bare minimum requirement for the mobile marketers.

When it comes to mobile marketing, responsive web design is as basic as it gets. If you do nothing else with mobile marketing, at least make sure that your website is mobile friendly.  Each year that goes by this becomes more important as a greater percentage of people use their mobile devices to access the internet–surpassing desktop. Surprisingly, many business owners are still unprepared.

Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design. (Treehouse)

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, consider the implications.

Over half of every visitor to your website is struggling to view the content. Text is small and pretty much impossible to read without pinching and zooming. Links are too small and visitors of your page are constantly clicking the wrong links on accident. How long do you think people will stick around before giving up? While a few might have the patience, a vast majority are going to look elsewhere.

While you could go through the trouble of creating an entirely separate website for mobile users, a simpler solution is to invest in responsive web design. This allows you the convenience of managing just one website that will optimize itself for the device being used to view it. Whether a visitor is on a laptop, a smartphone, or a tablet, they’ll see your website in the best way possible.

Multi-channel marketing

Once you’ve got a mobile-friendly website you can turn your attention to other aspects of mobile marketing. There are countless channels and strategies that you might use. But a good general rule is to not limit yourself to just one or two of them. The most successful mobile campaigns are those that incorporate a number of different mobile channels. By integrating a number of different channels you have the best odds of reaching your target audience and getting results. As you experiment with different channels you will discover which ones work well together and which ones are the most effective at helping you achieve your goals.