We noticed in many of text messaging platform are experiencing undelivered and blocked messages from carriers like Sprint & AT&T. Improve your text message delivery with Aviaro’s built-in carrier lookup. When you lookup the carrier of the customer you are sending the text message our platform can send then send the text message with a long code phone number from the same carrier, thus ensuring your message gets delivered.

Most are blocking based on messages being the same. Carrier’s don’t like duplicate messages almost as much as they hate links and phone numbers appearing in the messages.

We recommend all our customers learn to use our Spintax mode for sending campaigns. It is pretty easy to vary your message once you get the hang of it.

Example message:

Due to federal budget shortages. Funding for some small business programs has been canceled in select states. Call 888-888-8888 and secure your enrollment now.

Add simple synonyms using Spintax as follows:
  • Left Curly Bracket { starts the code.
    Each synonym is separated by the Pipe | symbol.
    Right Curly Bracket } ends the code.

Simple Spintax Example:

Due to federal budget {shortages|deficiets}, funding for some small business programs has been {stopped|canceled} in {man|several|select} states. Call 888-888-8888 {and|&} secure your enrollment {now|today}.

If you look at this closely you will see it is very easy to write simple Spintax. You should at least use minimum Spintax to get great results.

The more thorough your spintax, the more variations it can generate while sending. Thorough meaning, the less words you have that don’t have spintax variations, the worse it is. The more the better.

Example of more thorough spintax:

{Due to|Because of|As a result of|On account of|Thanks to|Stemming from|A result of} federal {budget|funding} {shortages|deficiets}. {Funding|Financing|Capital|Funds|Finances} {for|regarding} small business {programs|plans|services|opportunities} {has been|have been|has} {stopped|canceled} in {man|several|select} {states|areas|us states|locations}. Call 888-888-8888 {and|&|to} {secure|protect|safeguard|ensure} your {enrollment|registration|application} {now|today}.

Additional tips:

Its not a good idea to put phone numbers or links in your message either. We see many having a specific toll-free number appearing in the message itself. It’s better to use our Call Forwarding feature instead of putting a number in the message. You can just say “Call Us” instead of writing out the number.  Your audience will call the number they received the message from and the system will forward that inbound call to whatever number you have saved in your Call Forwarding settings.


Carrier lookup is important to enhance the chances of your text being received by your customer. Don’t send a text to your customers before scrubbing your contacts with our carrier lookup. Numbers and links in the body of a message greatly increase the chance of blocking. Add exact match blocking and your deliverability rates won’t be healthy.

If you improve your campaigns, you will get a far better ROI. It takes a little effort and some focus but the pay off is worth it!