Interactive apps are a great way for companies to connect with their customers, considering games are the most downloaded app for smartphones and tablets companies have the opportunity to become part of something big

When we think about mobile marketing applications, several options come to mind such as advertising on social networking applications, creating applications where the customer can purchase products from the comfort of their own homes, but there are few companies who have considered creating game applications in order to promote their business.

For many companies, creating a gaming application might not have even come to mind, and for others they might have decided it is too time consuming and expensive.  By researching the several options out there, companies can actually find easy and effective ways to create gaming apps without losing valuable time and money.  

The secret is making sure the game app will be a success before it enters the virtual world.

How soft launches can help

Soft launches are a great way for companies to easily test out their applications to see how successful they will be before actually investing precious time and money into them.

Currently, soft launches are used primarily for gaming applications. As games are the number one downloaded applications, it’s a competitive field, and companies cannot afford to gain a bad reputation when facing such competition. The app world can be very unforgiving, which is why soft launches are favored.  Those who have failed at this project did not consider the small parts. According to mobile marketer, the small tasks are the most important when creating marketing applications.

Soft launches help monitor these small parts such as broken links, font types and sizes, rating tools, images, and making sure servers can handle large volumes of users. Perhaps the most effective part of soft launches is the information companies can receive about how popular the apps are functions that are not necessary because users do not use them, how long users regularly use the app, how long it takes for users to make purchases, and are the apps being shared. Soft launches do all this tedious work for the company, and once the company sees the results they are able to make changes in order to create the most successful app possible.

Once again, soft launches are used mostly for gaming applications, but they can be effective for marketing apps as well.  As long as soft launches are used correctly, companies will find that creating gaming or marketing applications is not as tedious and costly as they thought in the first place.