If done right, companies can see great benefits from mobile marketing, as consumers use their mobile devices on a daily basis making it the easiest way to reach a broad range of consumers

But companies must keep in mind that if they want their mobile marketing techniques to be successful, personalizing the mobile experience for their consumers is a must. The best part of mobile marketing from a buyer’s point of view is the convenience. Instant access to their favorite companies from their mobile devices is awesome, but it can quickly become a nightmare if companies aren’t careful. Consumers like to have control over the type of advertisements they receive through their mobile devices. If brands don’t allow their consumers to have this control, it’s likely they’ll lose business. No one likes to be bombarded by mobile ads, so the idea that consumers can choose and have enough control to make advertisements work for them is a plus.

New York Times’ personalized app sees success

The New York Times has currently updated their mobile app to allow users to personalize the app to their liking. Users can customize the app to alert them about certain types of news that they want to hear about. The goal behind this new update was to create more engagement from users. Users have greatly appreciated the update as they can cater the app to personal interests.

‘New York Times’ Tests Personalization With ‘For You’ Feature. (Media Post)

Users can also customize the notifications they receive from the app alerting them about articles that fall in the categories they want to read about. Before the update, push notifications about all types of articles would be sent to users. No one likes bombardment of push notifications, especially if they have no control over them, so it is important for companies to either take it easy with notifications or let consumers customize how and when they receive them so with this adjustment to their app, user satisfaction is expected to raise with an increase in new users as well.

The Times has also made adjustments to their video and other features to make their consumers’ mobile experience convenient. Users can easily watch news coverage video through the app on smartphones and tablets without issues. They can also find past articles or news coverage that they might have missed. Overall, the Times has made updated to their application that have ultimately enhanced the experience for their consumers. Take note, companies should constantly be updating their mobile sites in order to make life easier for their consumers if they wish to see success from their mobile marketing.

Source: mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/media/18196.html