Digital marketing applications are the new rage in mobile marketing. Brands are creating interactive apps giving consumers a new, exciting experience

Let’s take a look at how.

The Space Needle app

Seattle’s Space Needle has created a new interactive digital app that tourists can download in order to make their visit to the Space Needle even more fulfilling. One of the features of the new app is called “Space Spots” and is a tool tourists can use to find other attractions near the Space Needle that they can visit, giving suggestions to restaurants and shopping centers with maps to get to them.

Another popular feature of the Space Needle application is the “SpaceBook” where tourists can take and store photos from their experience, and eventually turn the photos into memory books when they return from their vacation. Inventors of the app wanted to capture the technological innovation the Space Needle symbolizes by creating a virtual reality feature that people could use from their homes as well.

So far the application has been well received by users, especially popular for touring families with children who need more than just the amazing views to be entertained. While new the space needle app is just confirming how augmented reality features are becoming more popular in marketing especially when you can simply point your smartphone or tablet down at the floor and virtually see what you can do 50 stories below you.

In-store apps promote consumer business

Places like the Space Needle are already hot tourist attractions, and advanced technology only bring in more interest to your brand. Companies who adapt to the newest forms of technology tend to build and maintain business for their fore-front thinking. While several companies believe that mobile marketing only takes place outside of the store, in-store mobile experiences are becoming a popular way to mobile market. Giving consumers a reason to come into the store–which is much needed in today’s digital world. So if companies can access their consumers through technology, you’ll be a leader with a pack of loyal customers behind you.