This may come as a big shock, but the most important thing about content marketing, is having good content

Now this seems obvious, but it’s something that many marketers seem to have overlooked. Many are focused so much on quantity that the quality is overlooked. Whether you’re advertising through social media, text message, or both, the content of your posts/messages really is important. Don’t buy into the lie that as long as you’re posting something every day or every few hours that you’re doing okay. When it comes to content marketing, there are a few things you should know.

The playing field

When social media was first getting it’s start, it was enough for businesses to just post stuff because very few businesses were actually active on social media. Today nearly every business at least has a Facebook page and many are also using Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Many businesses even have a mobile website with an active blog. With so many businesses big and small on the internet, social media has become very cluttered with advertisements. Consumers have grown desensitized by so much content, that mediocre is no longer good enough. Content needs to be great to attract the attention of consumers.

Rather than worrying about making sure you’re posting/blogging every every day or every so many hours, you need to start worrying about the quality of what you’re posting/blogging

Finding a balance

The most difficult thing a social media marketer has to do is find the balance between quality and quantity.

Let’s say for example that a business has a blog where they post every day. Let’s say it takes the blog writer one hour to write a blog article of average quality and five hours to write a blog article of great quality. If budget or time constraints allow only for five hours of blogging per week, there is an important choice to make. Either one average article per day, one great article per week, or 2-3 above average articles.

Writing great content

It all comes down to a question of quality vs. quantity and both are important. If the quality is so great that weeks go by between posts/blog articles, then quantity is being overlooked. And if you’re too focused on pumping out content, then quality is being overlooked. Either make sure you’re finding a good balance, or take a look at your budget of time and money to see if you can put more resources towards writing great content frequently.