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Coming up with a marketing strategy is one of the most difficult things a business owner has to do, with the countless possible channels and different advantages/disadvantages to think about

You’ve no doubt heard about the importance of mobile marketing. Each year a greater percentage of businesses are participating in some form of mobile marketing. While some business owners are still hesitant about jumping on the bandwagon worried about the cost. However, when considering a marketing campaign it’s crucial to weigh benefits and costs like any campaign, so here’s a look at how SMS measures up against more traditional marketing channels.

Monetary Cost

When compared with other marketing channels, text message marketing is actually the most cost-effective channel because it doesn’t rely on the “spray and pray” method like other channels do.

When you pay for a television, radio, or print ad, you’re casting a wide net. You might limit your audience by geographical location but you’re still paying for a message that is unlikely to move the majority of your audience. Consider a TV ad. What percentage of those who view it are actually going to act on it? While these traditional forms of advertising are effective in reach, the success is typically lower.

Text message marketing, on the other hand, concentrates on a smaller audience audience. In an SMS campaign, you can only text those who give their consent first. And that’s a good thing. When you send a text, every person receiving that text specifically asked to receive it while with other channels, a great percentage of your audience is likely to be annoyed by your ad. Best of all, the SMS channel is immediate and personal. Most people tend to see a text within minutes of receiving it.

You’re probably assuming at this point that because of SMS’s tremendous open rate and response time, it must be a more expensive form of advertising. You’d be wrong, you can send out a message to your customers for just pennies per text.

Time Cost

Of course money isn’t the only type of cost when it comes to running an ad campaign. A successful marketing campaign requires time as well. Again, SMS has an advantage over most other channels. Successful television, radio, and print ads will typically require the help of some third party professional. The average business owner doesn’t have the know-how to put together those kinds of ads while SMS only requires a well-crafted message. Depending on how often you want to text your customers, you can run a successful SMS campaign investing an hour or less each week.


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