On a global level, Samsung has seen a much larger market share than Apple. And while Apple is still extremely popular in the states, the market share has been dwindling as Apple’s technology is starting to get old and Samsung is  updating with every new phone released. Samsung has been stealing business from Apple for years, but the tides may be turning, especially given the exploding battery issues we’ve been seeing with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

About the Samsung Note 7 explosions

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been having an issue where batteries are exploding. Samsung stopped production and sale of all Note 7 phone as soon as reports came flooding in of the phone having an issue with exploding. Owners have been advised to turn off their phones immediately and return them to Samsung. According to CNN, a return box is being sent to customers with gloves for handling and safety bags. The box comes with a letter that reads:

“We want to make your device exchange as easy and convenient as possible. Safety is always our highest priority. We realize we did not meet the standards of excellence that you expect and deserve with the Note7. For that, we sincerely apologize.”

Users should certainly follow the strict instructions because the government has regulations on how lithium ion batteries can be transported, especially if they have been damaged or have the ability to face damage.

Could it affect other phones?

Other Samsung smartphone owners don’t need to be concerned, though there have been a couple of reports of S7 batteries imploding. Because the incidents have been isolated, they require further investigation before any kind of action is taken. If you own a Samsung phone that is not a Note 7, you shouldn’t worry about your battery having any kind of issue.

Apple to steal business

Now that Samsung is facing herds of angry and scared customers who just want a working smartphone, they will certainly lose business that will be quickly picked up by Apple, according to Computer World. There are many Samsung owners who feel that the Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones are on the same playing field with it comes to which one is better, so making the switch over after getting burned (literally in some cases) might just make sense. And those who were considering making a switch to the Note 7 no longer have that option and may switch to Apple to get a similar product.  Either way, customers need their smartphone and don’t like the idea of going without one while Samsung gets this figured out.