Everyone has been pretty excited for the Samsung Galaxy S7 to get released because it has a lot of features that Android users have been waiting to get on their phones. Apple has stayed ahead of the game with the iPhone for a long time now, and Android fans have been waiting to see it catch up. It seems that may have finally happened with the Galaxy S7, and Apple may have to make some big announcements of its own if it is going to catch up this year.

Changes for Samsung Galaxy products

Samsung was pretty smart when deciding what features to including the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge this year. They went back to what was working in previous versions of the phone and put it back in, such as the removable SD card and waterproofed phone that were missing in the S6 but had been used in the S6. Then, the company looked at what wasn’t working in the last few versions and fixed it. Performance, which was awful in the S5, is no problem at all now while the ridiculously low battery life of the S6 has been fixed with a much larger battery capable of holding a lot more life, according to Fortune.

Then, there were just features added or improved such as the Dual Pixel Sensor Technology on the camera allowing the photos to have fewer pixels but to capture more light in the image. Compared to the iPhone, this camera cannot be beat, and the pictures are nearly perfect. And then there’s the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processer that allows users to keep their phone on all the time with a backlight showing the time or notifications without using hardly any battery life, a feature sure to please people who are timing themselves on a project or just need to keep track of the hour. Plus, it is easier to see a new notification that has arrived when your phone is on silent or vibrate while at work or school.

Apple iPhone reveal

The Apple iPhone release for the year won’t happen for another six months or so, but it’s got some serious competition for the year already. The real question is whether or not fans are going to be willing to switch over to another manufacturer. Stealing customers is the best way to ensure you’ve got the best phone, and there may be some people who switch this year.

The problem is that people are comfortable using the current systems they are already set up on and don’t want to make the switch to another software program. For example, someone who uses iTunes heavily isn’t likely to switch to the Galaxy and start using Google Play or Amazon Prime music.

Meanwhile, someone who is heavily dependent on Google may not want to risk moving that all over to the iPhone. Only time will tell if fans really think making the change will be worth it.

Source: Fortune