If your customer service department is doing a good job, you’ll know because there won’t be too many complaints. The internet makes it so easy to complain that not having complaints is a good sign. Unfortunately, many businesses have learned what not to do the hard way. Here are a couple things you should not do.

Do not physically touch or hurt a customer

Unless it is in the job description to touch your customer (such as a doctor), refrain from physical contact whenever possible. Between United and American Airlines, customers are beginning to get nervous about flying and whether or not they need to worry about physical interactions during their flight. And with technology giving every single one of your customers a video camera, you can be certain that people will record any bad interactions they have and pass it around to their friends. Whenever possible, simply avoid any physical interactions with customers.

Do not make contacting your difficult

Many companies use call centers in various countries in order to save some money in their customer service departments. If setting aside time in your schedule to make a phone call to customer service wasn’t hard enough, it is extremely frustrating to then speak with someone you can barely understand because of a thick accent. By switching to text customer service and AI Chatbot, you are able to provide clear answers to customers while still saving some money. Customers are beginning to expect a text customer service option as well since it is so much easier for them to communicate that way. Do not make it hard for customer to contact you; instead make it easy by providing multiple outlets for communication.