Elon Musk, CEO at Tesla, has spent the better part of his weekend showing customers that they are important to him and the Tesla brand. When customers tweeted him asking questions about their electric vehicles, he took it upon himself to reply to them individually showing them that they are important and worth Musk’s time. What can we learn from this? Here are 4 customer service tips you can learn from Elon Musk this weekend.

1. No customer is too small

No matter who you are or how important you appear to be on paper, Tesla wants to make sure you are being taken care of. Anyone can tweet asking a question about their vehicle and will get an answer. One man asked Musk about adding the ability to program their vehicle to specific preferences, to which Musk responded that they would add a patch and roll out that specific feature as soon as possible.

As a business, you need to ensure your customer are feeling important too. By social media interactions such as this one and even everyday business texting interactions, you can show that every customer is important and you care about their needs.

2. Customers should feel part of the conversation

When a customer reached out via Twitter to Elon Musk asking about better ways to switch the driver preference, Musk quickly responded that every vehicle should adjust the preferences based on whoever is standing closest to the driver’s door. It is an interesting concept for sure and one that will likely be considered in future Tesla models. Customers are able to feel a part of the conversation and like their voice is being heard when the CEO of the company validates their idea like that.

While most CEOs don’t have time to spend tweeting all their customers, there are many ways you can get yours more involved in the conversation and allow them the ability to feel like they are a part of the company. A person who is more invested in the business will feel a sense of loyalty.

3. Validate customer concerns

When a customer told Elon Musk he messed up with the headrests and that an automatic adjustment should be a basic feature, Musk simply agreed that it was “a foolish oversight.” Rather than defend the company or try and argue against the customer, Musk made sure the customer felt as if they were validated and they were right in their opinions. Your business shouldn’t be as worried about pride as much as making sure the customer’s opinions are validated. It’s too easy for things to spin out of control, especially with social media and the Internet. So take time to listen to your customers and validate what they have to say.

4. Bring the CEOs off their pedestals

It is hard to find a CEO that is so laid back and interested in his or her customers that they are willing to chill with their customers. But the truth is that a relatable CEO is going to be extremely valuable to keeping both customers and employees happy. In fact, one way to really make your business relatable to the everyday person and boost your customer service experience is to make sure all employees are relatable to their customers. Don’t ever think you are too good for someone you are working with or you might get a little Pretty Woman action thrown in your face.

Tesla Customer Service Shows

Consumer Reports has given Tesla a Best In Class rating for customer satisfaction, which means you can tell that the client base is happy with not only the product but the way they are being treated by the employees at the business. Simple tips like these can help you improve the way you interact with customers just like Elon Musk.