As a business, you are likely always trying to find ways to improve customer service to make it faster and more efficient

The more you can improve customer service, the more trust you’ll develop with your customer and the more retention. On top of that, great customer service leads to more word-of-mouth advertising, which is the best way to get new customers. But is there such a thing as being to fast?

Trying to push through customers

If there’s one thing your customers will hate, it is the idea that they are just part of a herd of cows. Though they want you to quickly fix their problem, they also want you to slow down enough to recognize them as an individual customer instead of just part of the crowd.

Starbucks recognized this and took steps to slow down as a result. Customers want to have fast, responsive, and friendly contact with customer service reps, which is why Starbucks made the switch from trying to get customers in and out as fast as they can to developing relationships with customers and taking a little bit of extra time with them.

How can you be fast and efficient while keeping customers?

You may have to first analyze what your customer service reps are currently doing when they have reactions with your customers. If they are cold and unfeeling, even if they produce very quickly, change that. If they’re very friendly with customers but are slow to get people through the line or get to the other customers waiting, reorganize.

Transactions should take less; everything else more

Whether your customers have money or not, they hate the time that goes into having to waiting in line or wait for the transaction. Worst part? By the end of the trip, you may be leaving your customers with a bitter taste in their mouth at the end of the day. Your customer service agents should be giving your customers the attention they need and help they want, but when it comes to getting them checked out, make sure it takes as little time as possible. Let them buy their stuff and go.

A faster way to answer questions

Sometimes, people need a lot of customer service, such as when they are being waited on at a restaurant or when they are getting new clothes and need help with sizing. Other times, someone just wants an answer to a quick question and doesn’t want to have to wait for the answer. In those instances, offering an automated text platform will help a ton. It will allow for them to get answers to their questions quickly and efficiently, and you don’t have to pay customer service reps to sit around at the phones waiting for an answer. If you can do these two easy things to create efficiency while slowing down, you’ll find yourself with happier customers and more business.