Once upon a time, people checked email and Facebook on a desktop

Today, thanks to mobile technology, people are signing into their email and social media accounts from everywhere. When a person gets a new phone, one of the first things they do is setup their email app and download their favorite social media apps. And they use them all the time. They take it with them to bed and they take it with them in the bathroom.

The majority of smartphone owners keep their mobile device within arm’s reach 24/7.

We know all forms of digital marketing are interconnected. One especially powerful combo is email and social media because the two are so often used in conjunction with each other.

Here’s a look at six ways you can powerfully combine these two forms of digital marketing.

Link social profiles with email messages

This is a really simple step that will cost you almost no time but will reward your business big time. Just make sure that all your email correspondence with consumers includes a link to your business’s social profiles. It allows people to find you on social media with the click of the button instead of having to perform a search.

Use the “share” button in your email campaign

It’s much easier to click one “share button” that to forward an email to everyone on your contact list. If you want your customers to do a lot of your advertising for you, make it easy for them to share your email campaign with their network.

Use email to promote social profiles

Much of a business’s email activity consists of automatically generated confirmation emails and appointment reminders. Usually these emails are generic and are deleted immediately without a second thought. You can take advantage of these necessary but bland emails by including a plug for your business’s social media profiles. By simply encouraging your customers to connect with you through social media, you can build up your online presence.

Use social media to promote email campaigns

Ideally, you’re social media audience and your email campaign audience overlap considerably, but chances are there will be many who use one and not the other. By offering similar content in both places you reach more people. Don’t simply copy and paste the body of your email into a Facebook post or Tweet however.

Your audience that does overlap doesn’t want to get the exact same message twice.

What’s common and different on social platforms. (Sagoon)

Use social media to obtain email subscribers

If you use social media correctly, you should never have to resort to purchasing email lists. Build your email list starting with the people you already know are interested in your company. Invite your social media followers to sign up for your email list.

Offer incentives

People who are already following you on one channel will want a good reason when asked to follow you on another. Each channel needs to offer your customers something they can’t get from the other. Make sure you are offering exclusive incentives both with email and with social media.