Email marketing may not be your top marketing priority, but it should definitely be one that you focus on. Recent data suggests that email marketing is starting to be more effective and rise in popularity once again. Smartphones have made it easier than ever to check your email, and it is almost as easy as texting these days. Most people have notifications that let them know every time they even receive an email. Here are some email marketing stats:

    • 2.6 billion people are on an email platform compared to 1.7 billion on Facebook and 313 million on Twitter
    • 91% of users said they use email daily compared to 57% on Facebook and 14% on Twitter
    • 66% of users said they will make a purchase because of email advertising, as opposed to 20% on Facebook and 6% on Twitter
    • 58% of users said they checked email first every day compared to 11% at Facebook and 2% on Twitter

With email getting a much better rep, it’s important to focus on it more heavily. Here are a few ways you can revitalize your email marketing campaign.

Leverage Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) gives your computer the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. It can help provide your business with the stats to determine what is and is not working and can communicate with your customers. This type of programming can read and respond to emails from customers as well as be setup to send specific emails to specific customers based on their personal information. It gives you a higher success rate because customers are only seeing what applies to their personal situation and things they are interested in seeing. You can talk to a machine learning company to get set up.

Send valuable information

Customers do not want to get emails that feel like spam. If a business is going to send emails to customers, make sure they have value. Don’t just send an email to remind them you are there. Make sure you have something in it they want to see. Here are a few types of valuable emails you can send to customers.

  1. Coupons or sales: Of all email users, 44% said they were most likely to check their email first for promotional savings. Sometimes, a promotion can be the difference between a customer choosing whether or not to make the purchase. An email with monetary value is going to be very valuable to your customer.
  2. Informational: Is your business changing regular store hours? Are you going through a Chapter 11 and need to let customers know you are just restructuring, not closing? Are you donating proceeds to a charity during a specific day of sales? Do you have new product that needs to be highlighted? These type of informational emails are still valuable to customers, and they like having this information given to them.
  3. Reminders: Another type of valuable email customers like to get is reminders. Remind them of an event they have coming up and remind them of an appointment they have scheduled. Some people are great at putting stuff on their calendar, so they don’t need a reminder. Others, however, need regular reminders and appreciate the email a lot.

Timing of emails

Since over half of all users check their email first during the day, it is important that most promotional emails get sent during the early morning hours. You want your email to be there when they first get up and check it. Since some people only check their promotional email box once a day, your sale might be missed if the email isn’t sent early enough.

Another strategy is to send emails in the middle of the day when the customer may get a notification for the email and open it right away. Still, if your goal is to get the customer to open your message immediately, you’d be better off with text than email since many people will dismiss emails to read later while most people open their text within the first few minutes.