There’s good news and bad news for mobile marketing. The good? Consumer reliance to mobile shows no sign of stopping. The bad? Business owners are flocking to mobile marketing without really knowing what they’re doing

Each year a greater percentage of people have smartphones. Though mobile marketing can be a very useful tool, it can also have the opposite effect and damage your business’s reputation if used improperly. Here’s a look at five of the biggest mistakes businesses make with mobile marketing.

Failure to optimize content

During Black Friday in 2013, Amazon made a huge mistake when they sent customers an email that wasn’t optimized for mobile. The email included links to the non-mobile version of their website. When you consider that approximately 50% of people use their phones to check email, about half of the recipients of Amazon’s email had difficulty viewing it and many probably gave up. This is known as the failure to optimize content.

The way people view content, whether it’s an email, a website, a video, or an image,depends on the device they’re using. Different phones have different size screens and different resolutions. Whatever content you’re using in your mobile marketing campaign should be optimized for each of these devices.

mobile marketing fails

Having a complicated opt-in process

If you’re running a text message marketing campaign you know that you need to get your customers to opt-in first. Unfortunately, many businesses make this harder than it has to be. For example, some companies ask customers to scan a QR code which takes them to a mobile website where they can enter their email and then opt-in. Most mobile devices don’t have QR scanners built in and many never bother to install one. The easier you make it for customers to opt-in, the more likely they are to do so.

Failure to promote mobile campaign

You’ve heard the saying, “If you build it, they will come.” But it’s not true for mobile marketing. Simply launching a campaign doesn’t mean you’ll have customers flocking to it. You need to advertise your advertising campaign. Companies who simply launch their campaign without promoting it will quickly find that it’s not producing the results they want. You need to find ways to tell your customers about your new mobile marketing campaign.

Forgetting the call to action

Many business owners think that subtlety in advertising will win them points. That’s rarely the case. If you want your customers to take a specific action, the most likely way to get them to do it is to ask them to. This is the “call to action.” No matter what mobile channel you’re using, your advertisement should include a call to action of some kind.

mobile marketing fails
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Failure to integrate

Finally, many business owners fail to integrate their mobile campaign with their other marketing strategies. Mobile marketing doesn’t exist in a vacuum. It’s most effective when it’s being used along with other marketing channels.