If you own a smartphone or tablet, high chance you’re pulling it out and glancing at it pretty often–utilizing your smartphone over 52 times a day

As mobile technology continues to develop, we rely more and more on our mobile devices. We use them to get places, to check emails, to check bank accounts and pay bills. Most importantly for business owners, we use our mobile devices to shop; whether we’re in the comfort of our living room or inside our favorite store. Here’s a look at five ways mobile is changing the retail shopping experience.

The retail environment

It’s one thing to see an image of a product you want to buy and see that same product in action but that’s exactly what mobile technology allows consumers to do. Shoppers everywhere will be seeing more and more of these displays in retail stores where they can watch a product in action. These video displays are normally displayed on a small, tablet-sized screen placed somewhere near the merchandise being advertised. By allowing customers a closer look at the product, companies make it easier for people to commit to buy from them.

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Digital signage

More and more retailers are replacing their print signs with digital ones. Digital signage is convenient in that they don’t have to constantly come down to be changed. Digital signage, whether it’s used outside or inside makes a business seem more modern. Digital signage is stunning and attracts more people’s attention. It’s also interactive and more engaging for customers.

In-store product displays

Thanks to mobile technology, cluttered showrooms and tattered product catalogs are becoming a thing of the past. A small kiosk can do all of the things a show room or product catalog can do but it takes up much less space. Customers enjoy being able to get all the information about a given product all in one place. They can compare models, prices, and features without having to take a step.

Customer self-service

No matter how good your staff, they can’t be everywhere. Customers are bound to need help when there isn’t a staff member on hand. Fortunately, tablet kiosks can be placed strategically around the store to provide customers with a better shopping experience. These can be more than just simple price scanners. They can also provide customers with the information they need such as where they can find a given product.

Kiosks help keep brick and mortar stores relevant as e-commerce expands. (Retail Customer Experience)

Point of sale

Forget about the old clunky cash registers that take up so much space. Businesses can now trade in their antiquated, expensive, point of sale systems for lightweight, modern-looking tablets. They can do everything an old cash register can do and much more. Everything from payment processing, to inventory can be done at a fraction of the cost and size.