Customer service and brand loyalty achieved through SMS

Text marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach out to your customers because they will see your message within seconds and most people prefer to communicate through text. However, current laws require that a customer signs up for your texting service and is able to opt out at any time. So, how do you keep them from unsubscribing?

Here are five ways to keep your customers signed up for text marketing.

1. Quality over Quantity

The main reason customers unsubscribe from text marketing is because they feel like they are receiving way too many text messages with not a lot of value. It can be tempting to send texts to your customers all the due to the low cost. It is a trap many businesses have fallen into. But customers get annoyed with the constant communication prioritize your message. What are the best deals and need to know information?

2. Allow for two-way availability

Customer service is tricky for many businesses because it means having people trained and ready all the time to answer questions, many of which are repetitive (what time do you open today?). The customer hates it because they end up having to wait on hold to ask a simple question. By allowing your customer to text in these questions, you are making it easier for them to communicate with you and keeping them hooked as a text customer.

3. Do not repeat messages

Too often, businesses are texting their customers simply to remind them of a sale or a discount. This is fine the first time, but when customers are getting it sent to them every day for a week, it gets a little repetitive, and customers are more likely to opt out so they don’t have to deal with it.

4. Adapt to specific customers

If you have demographic information available for your customers, you can adapt your message to their specific needs. For example, if you are trying to sell jewelry, then you might send your female customers a message that they deserve a special treat of jewelry while you might send your male customers a message to buy a gift for someone they love. This could work with many different types of demographics including young vs old, parent vs not, etc.


5. Provide special offers in exchange for information

Most people do not like giving up personal information such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, birthdays, etc. That is why you need to reward them for giving up the information. Give them a special coupon for signing up and then make sure you send special offers for their birthdays. This is the kind of thing that will keep them hooked and make them feel better about giving up their private information.