Perhaps one of the most challenging tasks of mobile marketing is coming up with creative and captivating ways to keep customers interested without overwhelming them with mobile ads

With the boom of applications, social networks, and messaging technology, mobile marketers face the challenge of keeping up with the technology and making sure they have their hand in each of these areas in order to reach as many customers as they can.  While sending a simple 10% off coupon through SMS can be effective in some cases, most often it is not enough anymore. Companies need to capture the attention of their customers using the most current technology in the most creative ways.

Marketing with emojis

Recently Oreo launched a new mobile marketing campaign using emojis through their interactive app.  The app isn’t difficult to use, which is a great way to attract customers in the first place.  Customers do not want to be burdened by time consuming interactive apps that are difficult to use.  Using Oreo’s new emoji app, parents are able to help their children take pictures and turn them into emojis within minutes.  

With the involvement of consumers, the app has generated over 99 million emojis in just 11 weeks since the campaign has been launched.  Oreo isn’t the only company who has seen success using emojis when mobile marketing.  PETA has also designed a campaign using emojis that has encouraged participation and enthusiasm from their supporters.  The reason emojis are a successful marketing tool is because they give customers a way to express themselves in a fun way, ultimately enhancing their digital experience and keeping them involved in the campaign.  It has been proven time and time again that customers are drawn to personalized mobile marketing, and emojis are one of the greatest and most effortless ways to give customers that personal touch.

How One Emoji Can Save Animals. (PETA)

Take advantage of new technology

Companies should definitely continue to market through SMS and email, however, they should also keep up with the competing communication apps such as WeChat, Line, and Snapchat to make sure they are reaching all types of customers.

The statistics from Oreo’s emoji campaign has shown that not only were the emojis shared through SMS, but also leading communication apps and social networks.  While it may seem tedious to manage all of the different types of mobile communication apps, it is worth it because it is a quick and easy way to spread the word about your business. One of the great benefits of mobile marketing is how fast word travels through the new forms of communication technology, and brands shouldn’t be shy to get their head in the game.