Technology just keeps getting better and better, and companies are seeing the benefit of it: companies such as the National Football League are putting advanced technology to work for them in order to bring in more business

One might wonder why in the world the NFL would need more business since it is already so successful, but there’s always room for improvement no matter how successful a company is. The NFL knows the importance of keeping fans entertained. And sometimes paying hundreds of dollars for tickets and eating cheesy nachos while watching the games live is just not enough to please the fans anymore. The league already has a successful handle on mobile marketing, but they have decided to amp up the mobile experience.

According to Mobile Marketer, a deadline of the 2015 season has been set for all NFL stadiums to offer Wi-Fi to the fans that attend the games. Wi-Fi connectivity allows fans to easily access NFL websites and mobile campaigns, which ultimately encourages the fans to purchase NFL certified products and bring in revenue.

How the NFL and its stadiums became leaders in Wi-Fi, monetizing apps, and customer experience (TechRepublic)

Along with Wi-Fi access, the NFL is looking to greatly enhance the technology they use. An idea that has been floating around for a while, but now being considered, is for tiny chips attached to the players’ pads in order to transmit information to the coaches and other players and possibly even the fans. Ideally, the electronic chips would be able to transmit the health information of player so that player safety is better monitored. The United States military has similar technology for the soldiers, and the NFL has been working closely with the military to figure out how the technology could work for them as well. Spokesmen have also indicated that NFL officials would be able to use the chips to determine whether they are in the right position to make calls or not.  The advanced technology used to gather this type of data is available and ready to be put to use.

Make mobile campaigns worth the consumers’ while

Mobile campaigns are part of the NFL experience for fans that attend the games and also for fans watching from home.  They are a great way to get consumers or all types involved in a company, and they are not only successful for sports leagues. By encouraging consumers to engage with companies through campaigns that reward them, companies will see increases in business. Mobile campaigns do not have to cause loss for the company. A simple 10% off coupon for those who participate in the campaign is enough to substantially drive up sales. Companies should look at other companies like the NFL who have put mobile marketing campaigns to work for them and seen great success from them. Mobile marketing is one of the best ways to reach out to consumers of all types from everywhere, and companies are silly not to become involved with it.