AI Chatbot is exploding because it is becoming more advanced than ever before and is now providing more businesses the ability to communicate with customers 24/7 without having to have agents available all the time. It fills the need for the customer to get clear and concise information without talking to an agent, and it fills a need of businesses to be able to offer information to the customer whenever they want it without having to constantly be available.

Salesforce is investing in AI chatbots as it sees the AI industry booming. To see more about the 134% growth in AI head over to our report on AI use in marketing

What is Salesforce?

Saslesforce is a customer relations management program business. It offers cloud-based software to make it easier for a business to manage not only their customers but also what their employees are doing with their customers. It tracks all customer interactions including any time they’ve been contacted by a salesperson or marketing department or when they’ve had any customer service interactions. It is one of the best and easiest programs for businesses to use when it comes to keeping track of customer interactions and managing those relationships.

Salesforce and AI Chatbot

Businesses and departments in charge of customers relationships have noticed that customers are much more likely to whip out their phone to send or receive a text than they are to make a phone call. This is, in part, due to the fact that someone can read a text on their own terms when they are ready while people only have time for phone calls occasionally. Salesforce is one of these agencies that is now putting together a feature called LiveMessage.

This program, according to Fortune, will allow people to use the Salesforce system to answer and track conversations with customers through Facebook messenger and SMS applications for AI chatbot. It will make for more automation within the context of routine conversations and will only be used until the customer asks to speak with a live agent.

This type of service has been available as an add-on to Salesforce for a while, but it has become a part of the main service. Everyone who works with Salesforce will now be able to add the functionality of AI chatbots to their services.

What does this mean for your business?

AI Chatbot is becoming so popular that even the leading customer relations management companies are taking notice and integrating it in their systems, which means it is time you consider making the change as well. It is not just the latest and greatest trend that is overtaking the customer relations industry: it is the expectation of customers and businesses to be able to communicate with you through these types of services.