As mobile technology advances, customer behavior is changing. Earlier phones were primarily communication devices, but today’s mobile phones are personal hubs of information

People use them as calendars, alarm clocks, cameras, photo albums and to connect socially. As people grow more attached to mobile devices, it becomes more important for mobile marketers to interact with them on a more personal level.

The goal for mobile marketers should be to gain customers’ loyalty and here’s a look at a few ways to accomplish this goal.

Try SMS marketing

To connect with mobile customers on a personal level, there’s no better way than SMS. There’s something about a text message that makes it seem a little more personal. It’s also immediate and almost guaranteed to be opened as most texts are read within the first few minutes of being sent. The best SMS campaigns are those that truly connect with customers on a personal level.

SMS marketing tips

Here are a few tips for making sure your SMS campaign gets personal:

  • Gather data. Simply getting a phone number and sending texts isn’t sufficient. Think how much more personal your SMS campaign can be if you get just a little more information. For example, if you know a person’s birthday, you can send a special birthday offer for that day
  • Personalized offers. Imagine a sporting equipment store sending out a text message advertising deals on baseball gear to a customer who is only interested in football. Not only is that paying for a wasted text, but it’s likely to make that customer lose interest in that brand. Imagine how much more effective a texting campaign can be when messages are tailored according to people’s interests
  • Make sure customers feel appreciated and important. Above all, your SMS marketing efforts should make customers feel special. You can ask for their feedback to demonstrate that you care about their opinion. You can offer exclusive deals only to those who have opted in to receive your texts so that they feel appreciated

If you use SMS to promote products only, you may get the occasional sale as a result. But if you find creative ways to engage with consumers, you’ll have loyal customers that will keep coming back over and over again. Many of these loyal customers will be advocates for you by spreading the word about your company to friends and family.