By Katie Hinojosa

We scoured the web to bring you the most relevant, interesting stats in marketing today. Sit back, and let us take you on this journey.

Consumer vs. marketer perspectives

We’d like to believe that our marketing efforts are personalized, intentionally placed, all in efforts for a wonderful ROI–however the perception may be one sided.

According to, nearly fifty percent of U.S. marketers responded that brands can deliver exceptional customer service while only twenty percent of consumers responded with such high enthusiasm–similar trends were found among Canadians and our friends across the pond. 

We stop to ask ourselves what is behind amazing customer service. We know it’s consistent [positive] experiences, addressing needs through personalized content and so forth but with consumers concern for privacy there still seems to be a lack of connection.

Marketing individualized consumers

Did the market research pay off?

Customer service is built on understanding your audience. We think great customer service is present however when the focus is tightened to “Do you understand them?” The answer is overwhelmingly “Yes” with 78 percent but only 34 percent apply data to consumer experience.

It is a notable paradox that people now more than ever value privacy and are looking into who with/how they share personal information. The matter ultimately comes down to being intentional with data collection and utilizing it in ways that are notable to whoever we serve. We know perception is reality. 


So the question is… how do we do it?

Enter SMS for brands

Alright so maybe you don’t have an extensive labor force or are just looking for an original idea on tackling this disconnect. Enter AI.

Our game is patented AI mobile messaging solutions. Sounds a little complex but think of it as a workforce multiplier. ALINA (artificial language intelligent assistant) helps to seamlessly respond to consumer inquiries for items such as “Location,” “Hours” and even the negative ones.

Mobile messaging isn’t new however, more and more business are seeing the value added by providing personalized, on-demand info.


 Take a look at your social media inbox: say Facebook for instance, it has been reported that 89 percent of messages go unread.

Artificial intelligence can be a great investment as folks are discovering.

The Marketing Plan

Texting, SMS, MMS, P2A, A2P all o fit is on the rise for tech-savy youth including those in GenZ.

Communication is changing and SMS can provide a fountain of information–instantly. World-wide P2A/A2P numbers are increasing, the investment in AI shows no signs of stopping and marketing channels are being tested. 

Conclusion: digital marketing and SMS

 A “friendship gap” exists, consumers desire authenticity, and different communication channels are emerging. All combined innovative solutions need to be considered to consider organizational needs now and in the future. 

Younger folk are changing the communication landscape stay ahead of the game by incorporating SMS into your digital marketing plan.

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