In the past couple of years, chatbots have gained tremendous ground with businesses scrambling to develop chatbots to assist consumers in doing all manner of tasks. Since texting and instant messaging are such popular forms of communication, especially among millennials, businesses are discovering the value in coming to where they already are, chat-based platforms. There are already bots that can help you narrow down products you might be interested in based on your preferences and bots that can book flights or make dinner reservations. One very popular use is customer service since chatbots have proven themselves to be very helpful when it comes to responding to frequently asked questions and connecting people with the right customer service department to provide human assistance. Since chatbots are still relatively new technology, we’re seeing new applications of it nearly every day. One recent example is the GoTBot

The GoTBot

London-based ad agency, Catch Digital recently unveiled a chatbot project they’ve been working on called GoTBot (Game of Thrones Bot) just in time for the upcoming release of the newest season of the hit HBO show. The bot was fed all of the books and television shows so it’s well versed on every subject relating to the popular series from major plot points to the backstories of the most minor characters.

What does it do?

The GoTBot’s primary task is filling in fans of the show in advance of the new season so that they aren’t confused when the show picks back up. Consumers can send the bot a question about virtually any character or plot point and receive an answer back. The GoTBot is also programmed with a number of easter eggs. Ask it certain questions and it will respond with humorous memes or jokes that only GoT fans would understand. The bot can even fetch pictures of cast members as children to entertain the show’s fans.

What’s the point?

Of course, GoT updates isn’t earth-shatteringly important. It’s more of a publicity stunt to highlight the capabilities of chatbots and to demonstrate the reaction and success that a creative and well thought out chatbot can generate. And at least for some, the GoTBot might be the most important chatbot ever developed.