The most effective marketing channel

As a business, you are looking for as many ways into the lives of your customers as possible. The more they see you, the more they remember you, and the more they remember you, the more business you get. So, you try and do everything you can to market to your customers, including all kinds of advertisements and discounts.

Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t using the most powerful tool available for advertising: the cell phone.

Effective reach and attention

Everyone has a cell phone, and if they don’t, it is because they are under the age of 10. Even then, most kids have cell phones now.

People check their phones regularly looking for any kind of distraction. So, doesn’t it make sense that you would advertise there? Somewhere you can guarantee your ads will be seen? When you get a text, what is your first response? To let it sit? No, you check it right away. And if you have been in a meeting for an hour, what is the first thing you do afterwards? Check your phone.

Most businesses don’t even think about using mobile advertising let alone monopolize on the whole concept. According to Forbes, people are beginning to use their cell phones for browsing more often than they are using desktops or laptops. Most people buy things from their phones now, and cell phone internet use is growing much faster than traditional internet use. That is why it is so important to start working on mobile advertising.

How to get started

The best way to get started is with texting. If you can get your customers to sign up for texting programs, you can send automatic texts with advertisements and deals in them.

These will remind your customers that you are still around and ready for business. Then, if you have an automated text response system, you can even reply back to any texts they might send in. It keeps communication lines open and produces trust between business and customer. Your customers will check for texts all day long. They may be pleasantly surprised to get a text from you with a great deal, and you will get more business.