Hard Rock Café has been mobile for quite a while, but the company has just decided to revamp their mobile marketing, creating a mobile-friendly rewards program

It’s no secret that Hard Rock Café is one of the most popular worldwide restaurants, and people travel all over the world to visit each of their sites. To keep those consumers happy, Hard Rock recently launched an upgraded version of their loyalty program, which allows users to keep track of their points and earn rewards from any of the restaurant locations.

Not only can consumers cash in their points for rewards at the restaurants, but also any Hard Rock brand owned hotels, casinos, and music venues as well.  The goal is to keep the loyalty experience consistent and pleasing to consumers no matter where they are using it. Another great feature that has proven successful for Hard Rock is their new and improved Rock Shop that consumers can also access from their mobile devices.  Not only is this pleasing to consumers, it is another way for the company to bring in money using an e-commerce program. By updating loyalty programs and improving the mobile experiences of consumers, businesses not only continue their successful reputation with loyal customers, they also attract the attention of new ones as well.

Keeping mobile marketing technologies updated

Not only is Hard Rock’s loyalty program convenient for wherever consumers are, but they can also use it on any mobile device of their choice.  

Hard Rock Café representatives are not new to the idea that consumers like the most convenient technologies, and they have tapped into the system to make sure their mobile marketing technology is a piece of cake to use, ultimately keeping their customers happy. Brands need to remember that technology is always advancing, and in order to keep clientele satisfied, you need to keep their mobile marketing advancing along with it.  

Hard Rock Café has done well in keeping their websites and other mobile technologies updated on a regular basis, and their new and easily accessible loyalty program is their way of showing it. It is important that brands not only keep their mobile marketing updated on a regular basis, but that they remember to keep it user-friendly.  The easier a mobile marketing application or SMS advertisement is to use, the higher the engagement.

Source: mobilemarketer.com/cms/news/q-and-a/18136.html