Overall marketing can be tricky to; as it’s a constant analysis of which tactics are more or less valuable 

You may spend thousands of dollars just to find out your target audience doesn’t care about that method of marketing. The way to battle this is through studies that show us exactly how effective and valuable smartphones are and just how much customers respond to these marketing tactics.

Pay per click

Pay per click is really popular because people don’t have to do anything but still get money for marketing your company on their website or blog. But what if that person is using a smartphone instead of a computer? Does the value change? According to Marketing Profs, it does.

A new report shows that conversion rates are much higher on mobile than they are on computers. More or less, that means that more people who click on the ad are actually buying things when doing it through mobile than with computers. Apparently, people are more likely to buy stuff when they are surfing with their cell phones than when they are surfing online.

What does this mean?

Some of you may be wondering why this matters so much to your business. The truth is, it matters. A lot. It means that the value of marketing on mobile is exceedingly higher than marketing to computers. Don’t waste your time focused on websites that are not mobile-compatible and checkout systems that can’t be used through a phone. They will not benefit you nearly as much as making sure your business is mobile-friendly. When browsing on your smartphone, there is nothing more irritating than to go to a site that doesn’t work on your phone.

Getting started

First, make your website mobile-friendly. This increases chances of purchase and time spent on site. Next, get your texting set up. If you offer text message systems to customers, they easily click from their text to your website to make a purchase. It is a lot easier for customers than trying to look it up later, and they are more likely to click in for more information if they can do it right away instead of trying to remember to do it later. Then, after it is set up start sending your texts.

Encourage your customers to visit your website and make purchases. It will be easier than email marketing and more effective than in-print marketing. All your customers have to do is sign up for texting and wait for them to go. They will know they are getting deals and will check them out right away as they are texted. It is a good distraction from the work day for a lot of them. Dollar for dollar, your texts are much more valuable than any other marketing, so get started today.