How to Create Winning SMS Campaigns

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By Claudia Perez

Create a Compelling Call To Action and Limit the Time to Redeem the Offer

Your customers prefer text message marketing because they are short and to the point. Creating direct and fun call to actions is the first step in launching a successful SMS campaign.

“Hi Julie, get your first class on us this week. Head into your nearest TruFusion Gym, show this message to redeem.” is a concise and compelling message. It sounds sincere, tells them your company name and gives them a deadline. Driving customers to your physical location, website, online store or to support a cause has never been easier and faster.

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Drive Engaging Conversations with Genuine Text Messages Not Only Discounts or Promotions

The best part of SMS marketing is that you can have real conversations with your customers. It opens the lines of communication and gives your customers an easy, stress-free and direct way to reach you. SMS texting is a simple way to stay top of mind with your customers and staying top of mind drives repeat business, happier customers and better customer service. 

Don’t only text your customers about discount or promotions. You can drive more sales when you just send a simple open ended message, “Hi Joe, just wanted to reach out and see how the new {product or service} is working out. Let me know if there is anything I can do to improve your experience”

Immediate Customer Gratification Means You Need to be Prepared to Respond to Customer Questions

SMS marketing drives immediate responses from customers. Emails are usually read one or two days after they are sent or diverted into a read later folder. Cold calls are often ignored and online ads generally require re-targeting before an action is taken. With text messaging your customers will most likely respond to you immediately. 

This means for your campaign to be successful you need to be ready to respond to all the inquiries, questions, quote requests, etc. Have in place a plan of action and allocate at least 2 hours after launching a campaign to following-up and responding to customers. Be prepared and maybe have your team divide up the work but make sure that you are ready to respond to your customer after you send them a text message.

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