Is SMS marketing becoming spam texts to customers?

Due to the personal nature of text message, our team often stresses being straightforward and intentional about any and all campaigns your business may send. Here are a few strategies to prevent your SMS campaign from becoming an annoyance.

Set a sleep timer

Due to the level of penetration our mobile devices have in everyday life it is extremely important to treat client’s number as a privilege.

Put into place a sleep timer where no campaign or message will be sent between the hours of say 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. Pro-tip: assure yourself that the timer matches the time zone of the area you are targeting.


Set an AI responder for immediacy

One of the major benefits of SMS marketing and chatbots, in general, is the 24/7 nature. No matter the lifestyle one can always get the information they need at the time they want.

Consider integrating AI responders to your text marketing as consumers can then participate in a two-way conversation. In any case, recipients will be able to return to their messages and ask any questions!

Big incentives for subscribers

Customer satisfaction is always on the top of our minds when it comes to business as such we must consider why customers would stay in our text “club.” What exactly are they getting that the average Joe who walks in through the door wouldn’t get?

What about your message is worth sharing? Would you run and tell a friend about your own promotion? Would you be excited to get this text yourself?


Data collection is key

Gather all the information you can from your customers to ensure those vital couple of messages will be well received.

For example, you may want to keep a database of those who have previously attended events such as Latin night for a bar or if someone has indicated they have children send them a reminder on Wednesday’s “Kids eat half off” deal. Segment off your database to manageable subgroups when possible. 

You’ve created a network but make sure your messages are relevant to them. 

Clear call-to-action (CTA)

Messages should be clear, concise and hit at consumers needs. Send a link to a downloadable coupon, a link to sign up for an event or ask if they would like a reservation for a table tonight.

Below find five important facts when it comes to SMS for business.

Data from Text Magic.

Let recipients know that this is a deal that they must act upon now, and in tandem with the discount or sale you’ll achieve amazing results.