Every business should be creating videos to put on their website and social media pages with information to help customers. While some of your customers may like to read, others prefer to watch videos, and it is a great tool for engaging the customer. For some companies, it is very helpful in creating a how-to section for your products or services. Other companies may want to use videos to explain how their product works. Whatever you decide to do, here is how you can use videos to really build on your marketing.

Producing the right video

One thing you will want to do is focus on producing the right video. If you aren’t showcasing the right thing that your customers are interested in seeing, it doesn’t matter if you do everything else right. Your Story recommends these seven steps for producing the right kind of video for your company:

  1. Consider strengths: Focus on videos that showcase your strengths or what sets you apart from the competition.
  2. Pick a story: Telling the right story will get your customers interested in what you are doing and will engage them by attaching emotional strings, whether it is through humor or sensitivity.
  3. Education: The whole reason you are making a video is to help your customers understand something. Make sure you are subtle in order to keep customers from feeling stupid.
  4. Myth-busting: There are likely different things about your product or service people believe that aren’t true. This is a good time for debunking those ideas.
  5. Short and sweet: Nobody wants to watch a video that is 14 minutes long. Instead, focus on short videos that get to the point quickly. Don’t try and create one video that explains everything. Split it up into a lot of different short, fast videos.
  6. Audience: Consider your audience for the video, whether that is your target demographic in general or just the part of your audience you expect to reach with the place you post the video. Facebook is very general to all your customers, whereas Snapchat has a totally different vibe to it.
  7. Call to action: The most important part of any type of marketing you do is to remember to put a call to action in there. If you don’t, customers may not even realize what you are advertising or what they need to do.

Where to post the videos

Figuring out what to do with your videos once they are made might be another problem you are working out. If you post it on your website, you can post links to your site on your social media pages or through text marketing to get it out to customers. However, a video posted directly to a social media page may be just for that specific use and won’t necessarily be valued on your site. How-to videos or ones that explain your product should always be available on your site for customers to find when they need it. However, sometimes humorous ads or ones meant to be played only during a short period are better off being posted on social media directly. This is especially true if you are going to pay for advertisements on sites such as Facebook and Instagram.