Mobile marketing is perhaps the most popular form of marketing now that the majority of mobile phone users are using smartphones

Companies like the idea of mobile marketing because it’s a quick and easy way to reach a broad number of consumers. Popular forms of mobile marketing are SMS advertisements, interactive applications, and internet advertisements.  Sending coupons or special promotions through these channels is a great way to bring and keep business, but most importantly it is a way to improve customer service.

Improving your business’ customer service 

It is easy for companies to miss out on essential consumer feedback, especially large companies, because that valuable feedback often gets lost in the mass amounts of data regularly acquired. However, mobile marketing can help.

The Clorox Company has come up with a successful way to receive customer feedback as well as be able to respond to that feedback through their interactive application. Julie Ask, the vice president of Forrester Research has labeled Clorox’s customer service technique as “manufactured mobile moments.” The app gives consumers a chance to reach out to the company, share input, and give Clorox an opportunity to improve in order to gain and keep business.

What makes Clorox’s app so successful is it also gives consumers the opportunity to ask the professionals specific questions about products or even cleaning advice. Clorox also uses the app to post seasonal advice such as in the summer they post ads about how to get grass stains out of clothes.

The communication flow through this app only enhances customer satisfaction with the company, following their lead companies can benefit from a similar type of application.

How apps can benefit company employees

Companies have not only seen great consumer satisfaction from interactive applications, but also from their own employees. These interactive communication applications are a great way to keep employees informed about the company, especially if the company is a larger entity. Employees can see what is making the consumers happy, and continue to give great service, or improve it they need to in the areas the consumers suggest.

Interactive applications are not the only way to receive feedback, either. SMS advertising is also a popular way that consumers and employees can be kept updated on company happenings as well as communicate with the company.

These interactive mobile marketing strategies are just more proof how beneficial mobile marketing can be, and if companies want to be the best for their consumers, they should take advantage of mobile marketing opportunities such as this.