Customer service should be an important focus of every business. The more that people enjoy their experience with a certain company, the more likely they are to return for more services or products and the more likely they are to recommend the company to others. It is important for businesses to recognize who their customers are and how they respond to services. It is also vital for businesses to prioritize their customer service so customers have good experiences and keep coming back.

Everyone is a Critic and Can Write a Review

A recent article in Entrepreneur makes a very astute point: in today’s world, everyone’s opinion and experience can be publicly stated and read. The digital world allows for a variety of online forums for people to discuss their insights, thoughts, and general opinions. And for businesses, that can be very good or very bad.

Anyone can become a critic and most everyone is. For example, customers can post reviews on Yelp, Facebook pages, and general social media. And those reviews are read. A previously-released Local Consumer Review Survey reported that more than fifty percent of survey respondents said that positive online reviews make them more likely to use a local business.

Listen to Your Customers

After you have earned the trust of people enough for them to buy or use your product, be sure to invite them to share any feedback. People want to feel that they are important and that their opinions matter. Feedback can be requested through an email or letter or through a survey link at the end of an online transaction. The more feedback you can get from customers, the more you can understand where your company can improve.

If a customer does have something negative to say, it would be much better if they could share that opinion with you and get an answer or help from the company, rather than for them to go straight to the online review forums. Imagine that a customer receives a service from your company and they are not satisfied. Upset and frustrated, they go online and write a one-star review of your service.

However, if after a customer buys a product or service, and your company requests immediate feedback, they are in a better position to improve the situation and opinion of the customer. The company can respond to the customer’s dissatisfaction and then work to rectify the situation and hopefully leave the customer with greater satisfaction. That customer now goes online and writes a five-star review for the company that worked hard to make sure they were a happy customer.

When companies ask for the feedback of their customers, they are in a stronger position to understand their customers, their needs, and how to assist them. In turn, customers can better trust the company and provide positive reviews and keep using the product or service. In turn, your company will grow because more people are willing to use your product or service.