Customer service is the most essential part of every business–establishing good customer service is key to bringing new customers and keeping the ones you have

There are a bunch of different ways to serve your customers including through your website, on the phone, through texting, and through social media. Here are a few tips to improve your social media customer service and reach out to more customers than ever before.

Show ways to recognize your customers

When your customers are commenting on or liking your posts, recognize that in some way! This can be as easy as liking a post where they are saying great things about your service. It might be more difficult if the person has a problem to be solved, but that makes it even more important to recognize the post and show you are coming up with a solution. There is nothing worse than complaining about a problem just to get completely ignored.

Fast response

One of the ways that social media customer service can always be improved is through quick response. If a customer complains on your Facebook page and doesn’t hear back from you in a day or two, you’ve already lost their business. Though they are glad the problem is getting fixed, they’ve moved on and made a decision on whether or not they are going to use your business again.

One way to improve reaction time is by working through text. If your customers know they can get answers to their questions immediately (auto-responders), they are much more likely to communicate with you. Offering a text service that can recognize their questions and automatically respond to them will benefit both you and the customer and will help everyone feel more at ease.

Track your social media

One thing you can do to improve your social media customer service is track how often your social media is actually being used. If you only have five people who like your page and are never mentioned by your Twitter followers, then chances are that you probably aren’t being too successful. If you aren’t reaching out to customers and aren’t getting enough involvement from them online, then it isn’t worth it to even try. Get on top of reaching out to more customers, offering incentives for a follow or helpful review on Yelp.