Mobile Messaging Platform for Hospitality

Aviaro makes all aspects of hospitality easy and smooth. Whether your business is a restaurant, hotel, or resort, Aviaro has the best solutions for you.


A successful hotel must run like clockwork, from the moment a customer books a room until they leave. Check-in services, scheduling, maintenance requests, room service, and more are constantly under scrutiny by hotel guests who are looking for the best of the best wherever they stay. Aviaro makes running these systems easier than ever, thanks to its patented artificial intelligence and extensive API integrations. Merge your current systems with this smart texting platform and optimize your business to run better than ever before. Now schedule reminders take zero effort, as customers can receive a text message regarding their upcoming stays. Hotel guests can also text into the hotel’s Aviaro platform prior to, during, and after their stays to ask FAQs, express concerns or issues, and wonder about any deals and specials. The mass SMS campaigns featured in Aviaro similarly allow hotels to preemptively send this information to guests who have opted in to the platform, so they will always know when the best times to visit are, taking the stress out of finding the information on their own. With incredibly competitive pricing, it is easy to see how Aviaro is the best texting solution for hotels everywhere.

Restaurant and Craft Brewery

Running a restaurant or brewery can be difficult, but Aviaro makes it easy. Let customers text in to receive special promotions and they will be thrilled with the natural, conversational flow that the restaurant sends back, thanks to Aviaro’s patented artificial intelligence system built in to the platform. With hefty API integrations, restaurants can also merge any current systems into their texting platform, ensuring the business is working efficiently and optimally for much less than other similar systems. Send mass SMS messages to opt-in leads who want to hear from your restaurant and receive discounts and special prices; remind people about happy hours with a weekly scheduled message; send timed follow up messages when customers text in to further funnel them through your drip campaign and retain them indefinitely.

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Resorts are known for being luxurious getaways for people who need to relax and leave their worries behind. But resort owners know that one person’s vacation is another person’s profession, and these professionals often have a difficult time maintaining clear communication with their guests. Aviaro takes the stress away from everyone with its patented artificial intelligence system that responds to guest queries and concerns in real time, ensuring the professionals working to make everyone’s stay magical can keep doing what they’re doing with no technological distractions.

The Aviaro system handles all communications between resorts and guests 24/7. It is also easy to set up future campaigns at any time, meaning the resort’s deals and promotions can be created months in advanced and sent out whenever desired. Plus, with a vast array of API integrations, many, if not all, the resort’s current systems can be combined with Aviaro, ensuring this business will run even more efficiently and optimally than ever before.

All this and much more comes at the most competitive SMS messaging service price on the market, letting resort professionals protect their bottom line while receiving the best of the best, just like they strive to give to their guests every day.